Best Speaker Stands For Live Sound, DJs, & PA Systems

Written By Kyle Mathias  |  Audio Gear, Live Sound 

So you’re building a portable sound system for live events and you’re searching for speaker stands that are reliable, lightweight, and easy to set up. Well, I might have the perfect solution for you in this post.

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Best PA Speaker Stands: Ultimate Support TS-90B

I’ve done a lot of work in live sound, and every company I’ve worked with has used these exact stands that I’m about to show you because their perfect for small and medium shows. 

They help you to place speakers higher so that the sound reaches everyone in the audience – not just the people in the front row. 

The stands are called the Ultimate Support TS-90B. Let’s take a quick look at the features that set them apart from the other options out there. 

By the way – this is not a sponsored video. I use these stands myself and I like them, so I wanted to recommend them to you. 

If you decide to get a pair of these stands, you can buy them through the links in this post to support Audio University. 

Let’s get started.

Quick Release Tripod Legs

The first thing that I love about these stands is the quick release legs. You simply open the clamp, adjust the legs, and close the clamp. 

Other stands use hand-tightened screw hardware that tends to wear out over time. Not only is this very secure, but it also seems to be more rugged than the other type of hardware.

TeleLock Height Adjustment

The second feature I want to show you on the TS90B stands is probably my favorite. That’s the TeleLock height adjustment. 

Setting up some speaker stands is a two-person job. You’ve got to hoist the heavy speaker up to the correct height while someone else inserts a pin to hold the speaker in place. 

With this stand, it’s a lot easier. It’s no problem for me to lift this speaker to the correct height by myself. 

All I’ve got to do is set the TeleLock collar to “Raise” and start to lift the speaker. 

Unlike other stands, I can take my hands away and the speaker stays in place. In “Raise” mode, the stand will go up, but it won’t go down. 

When the speaker is at the correct height, I simply switch the collar back to the “Lock” position. 

To lower the speakers, I switch the collar to “Lower” mode and the speaker will start to come down. I can even control how quickly the speaker comes down with this adjustment. 


In addition to the easy setup, these stands are also remarkably lightweight. The whole thing weighs about 7 pounds and holds up to a 150 pound speaker. 

Trust me, after a day of loading in, setting up, and breaking down all of the other equipment, you’ll be glad to have a simple lightweight case rather than another set of heavy cumbersome stands. 

Durable & Sturdy

They’re also very durable, which is important if you plan to set them up and tear them down frequently. 

You can tuck the mount away so it doesn’t get bent out of shape and the carrying case is made out of a nice and thick fabric. 

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