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Audio Basics, Recording

Step-by-Step Tutorial: Setting Up Your First Audio Interface for Home Recording

Let’s go through the steps of setting up your home recording studio [...]

Audio Basics

Best Audio Interfaces For A $200 Budget

These are the best audio interfaces for under $200. Let’s look at [...]

Audio Basics

The Secret to Professional Sound On Video Calls & Live Streams

The tips I’ll share with you in this post will have you [...]

Audio Basics, Audio Gear, Live Sound, Recording

3 Ways To Expand The Inputs And Outputs On Your Audio Interface

ADAT, MADI, and Dante… These are three of the most powerful ways [...]

Audio Basics, Live Sound

Remove Echo & Feedback Instantly With Mix-Minus

A mix-minus is essentially a mix that includes all sources, minus the [...]

Audio Basics, Mixing

My Mix Sounds PERFECT In The Studio, But AWFUL Everywhere Else…

In the video above, I demonstrate a sine wave sweeping from 20 [...]